How to RUN .exe file with Input file (example input.txt) in MATLAB

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I want to run .exe file which takes input.txt as input file for processing the output. Can anybody help me to run .exe file with the input file ?

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Deeds el 9 de Oct. de 2020
You can use the built in function system(command) to execute the given command in windows cmd (It also works in Linux). You may use system('"file.exe" argument1 argument2') where the file path of "input.txt" can be entered in the arguments. You may find more information regarding system in the MATLAB documentation.
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Deeds el 13 de Oct. de 2020
I remember using this command once or twice with the following command:
file = 'home/..../file.exe' %full path
val = [file, ' &']) %here, & pushes the command to the background
status = system(val fname)
This worked fine and I got no errors. You can skip the comma between .exe file and input file.
'Varargout' errors show up when the function does not have the proper output variable format.
You can go through following links for more details:
Hope that helps!

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