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How can i get any response of this state space model?

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I want to get response of my state space model for any input i create. For this purpose, i use lsim command, but take error message from MATLAB.
My input should be constant for 0.01 second. I add my codes below.
State space model i have is cell-array format. At the code box, you will see the model as sys{1}, nevertheless i have wrote the A,B,C,D matrices.
Thanks for your help!
Note: I know that step command can be used for this, but in the next steps, i will create different and various input signals. So, i should learn the method of creating of user-defined input signals.
A =
x1 x2
x1 0.4343 -10.59
x2 0.6581 -0.9007
B =
x1 0.07221
x2 0.1236
C =
x1 x2
y1 7.463 10.63
y2 0 1
D =
y1 0
y2 0
u=[5 ; 5];
grid on
%Error using DynamicSystem/lsim (line 97)
%When simulating the response to a specific input signal, the input data U must be a matrix with as many rows as samples in the time vector T, and as many columns as input channels.

Accepted Answer

Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 3 Nov 2020
Vector 'u' must have same number of elements as 't'
u = 5*ones(size(t));

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