Simulink function that access to step final value

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Alejandro Fernández
Alejandro Fernández el 7 de Nov. de 2020
Editada: Piyush Aggarwal el 10 de Nov. de 2020
Hello, would anyone know how can I create a function to put in the third block of the figure that will allow to have a variable that varies according to the final step you put in the step block?
Thnk you so much

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Piyush Aggarwal
Piyush Aggarwal el 10 de Nov. de 2020
Editada: Piyush Aggarwal el 10 de Nov. de 2020
The parameter 'Final value' of the Step Block with a default value of 1 can be defined using a MATLAB Base Workspace variable. You can do this by simply defining a variable in the Base Workspace using command prompt or writing a code statement in the Model's 'PreLoadFcn' Callback by going in Model Properties in the modelling tab. And use this variable to enter the value of 'Final value' parameter in the Step block's parameter dialog box. You can now use this variable in the MATLAB Fcn Block's code script to code whatever behavior you wanted to.


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