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n=double(ans) Error using double Conversion to double from py.numpy.ndarray is not possible.

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giacomo labbri
giacomo labbri on 12 Nov 2020
Commented: meng yuan on 29 Apr 2021 at 7:52
I am calling a python function from matlab and I get back a ndarray. I try to convert it to a matlab array using double() but i get an error even if I have Matlab 2018b
where ans is my ndarray. I get this error:
"Error using double
Conversion to double from py.numpy.ndarray is not possible."
Any idea why it doesn't work or if there is an alternative way to convert ndarray in matlab array?
Thansk in advance,
For reference the output of details(ans) is this:
py.numpy.ndarray handle with properties:
T: [1×1 py.numpy.ndarray]
base: [1×1 py.NoneType]
ctypes: [1×1 py.numpy.core._internal._ctypes]
data: [1×1 py.memoryview]
dtype: [1×1 py.numpy.dtype]
flags: [1×1 py.numpy.flagsobj]
flat: [1×1 py.numpy.flatiter]
imag: [1×1 py.numpy.ndarray]
itemsize: [1×1]
nbytes: [1×1]
ndim: [1×1]
real: [1×1 py.numpy.ndarray]
shape: [1×1 py.tuple]
size: [1×1]
strides: [1×1 py.tuple]
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