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How can i remove "==" from symbolic equation?

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Volkan Yangin
Volkan Yangin on 19 Nov 2020
Commented: KSSV on 19 Nov 2020
Edit: I have solved my problem with rhs.
I have created a symbolic equation via isolate command. Resulting equation is:
x1_dot == (1570*u)/41 - x3*x2_dot - (3060*x1)/(41*x3) - (6426*x2)/(1025*x3)
%Should be: x1_dot = (1570*u)/41 - x3*x2_dot - (3060*x1)/(41*x3) - (6426*x2)/(1025*x3)
I should remove logical equality to continue my work. How can i make this?
Volkan Yangin
Volkan Yangin on 19 Nov 2020
Haha i did it:
It seems very easy :))

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Accepted Answer

KSSV on 19 Nov 2020
syms x1_dot u x2_dot x1 x2 x3
x1_dot = (1570*u)/41 - x3*x2_dot - (3060*x1)/(41*x3) - (6426*x2)/(1025*x3)
x1_dot = 
KSSV on 19 Nov 2020
I don't think there is option of saving as can try in Live editor...and try to print the should be printed as shown in the answer...then you can save it as image I guess. Or there might be any other way which I am mot aware.

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