How to read every i data in the UIAXES plotted data ?

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Hi All
I have got a plot in my aap designer window, and after plotting some 2D data on it, I want to read and save only some specific data from this plot and not whole of it how do I do that
app.UIAxes.Children(i).YData = somefunction(b, a, app.UIAxes.Children(i).YData);
or somehow I should have access to numerical values in YData
I am trying the following but not succeeding, I have more than one plot
for i=1:numel(app.UIAxes.Children)
app.fitY = [app.fitY; app.UIAxes.Children(i).YData];
app.fitt = [app.fitt; app.UIAxes.Children(i).XData];
app.UIAxes.Children(i).YData = app.UIAxes.Children(i).YData(1:redrate:numel(app.fitY));
Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 28 Nov 2020
farzad - you may need to show some or all of your code. If you are using plot to plot the data, then just maintain/save the handle to the plot (or the line object depending upon your version of MATLAB) and then use this handle to get the data you want. i.e.
hPlot = plot(1:10,11:20);
xData = get(hPlot, 'xdata');
yData = get(hPlot, 'ydata');

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