Why is my code running so slowly in the while loop?

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Hi, I am using MATLAB R2020a on a MacOS. I am currently trying to calculate the exponentially weighted moving mean by applying a weight to a vector of values using the DSP signal porcessing toolbox algorithm, but it keeps stalling at this point within the while loop without actually giving an error. I am not sure how to solve this without having to preallocate an array outside the loop for storage reasons. Any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
while currentcycle > 1
current_expmean_v = (1 - 1/weight(currentcycle))*(previous_expmean_v) + (1/weight(currentcycle))*(values_v);
current_expmean_w = (1 - 1/weight(currentcycle))*(previous_expmean_w) + (1/weight(currentcycle))*(values_w);

Accepted Answer

Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter on 26 Nov 2020
Edited: Paul Hoffrichter on 26 Nov 2020
>>> while currentcycle > 1
currentcycle is not changing within the while-loop. You need to modify the value of currentcycle in the loop.
Paul Hoffrichter
Paul Hoffrichter on 26 Nov 2020
If the value of currentcycle is 2 when it enters the loop, then the expression "currentcycle > 1" is true, and so just focus on length(diff(qrs_i_raw). Since you say you are getting stuck, then it must be that
2 <= length(diff(qrs_i_raw))
Since qrs_i_raw is not changing its value or its length within the while-loop, its length is constant within the while-loop, so the test conditions remain true, and you are looping forever.
You have to make sure that the conditions you test for in the while-loop can change so that eventually the test condition will become false.

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