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function of time,velocity and acceleration

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marie el 13 de Mzo. de 2013
Comentada: Walter Roberson el 22 de Dic. de 2017
the position x as a function of time of a particle that moves
along a straight line is given
>>>x(t)=0.4*t^4+10.8*t^3-64.4*t^2-28.2*t+4.4 ft
a)derive the expression for the velocity v(t)
which i did and is v(t)=1.6 t^3 + 32.4t^2-128.8t -28.2
b)derive the expression for the acceleration
which is a(t)=4.8t^2+ 64.8 t -128.8
c)make plots of the position,velocity and acceleration as a function of time in an increment of 0.1s for 0<=t<=8
my question is for part c do i just need to use the command plot(x,v,a)?

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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou el 13 de Mzo. de 2013
hi try :
syms t
figure, plot(t,X,t,V,'r',t,A,'g')
legend(' Position','Velocity','Acceleration')
the result is the same?
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Youssef  Khmou
Youssef Khmou el 13 de Mzo. de 2013
hi,you can use :
plot(t,X,t,V,'r',t,A,'g') % velocity in RED and accel in Green
hold on
plot(t,V,'r'); % or any other color you wat
hold off

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Eman Basm
Eman Basm el 3 de Dic. de 2017
Hello, I want to train my data in neural network model my question about the input of neural model my data some of it one value and others vector I do not know if that affect because different in values should be all inputs one value
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Eman Basm
Eman Basm el 22 de Dic. de 2017
the cyclist thanks your response this is a code after reading more this function to perceptron network, net.adapt param.passes=20, what is param.passes? I know the adapt is function work with perceptron net.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 22 de Dic. de 2017
That is not relevant to the Question here. You should use a distinct Question for that.

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the cyclist
the cyclist el 13 de Mzo. de 2013
I think the question is asking for
You will need to define the increment of t as a vector, as describe in the question.


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