How do I stretch the time of a signal locally ?

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farzad on 10 Dec 2020
Commented: farzad on 10 Dec 2020
Hi All
I have a signal that its time increment is 0.01 sec and the signal duration is 100 seconds. I want to stretch and increase the time increment from time 50 sec to 55 sec from 0.01 sec to 0.5 sec. apparently this will affect the values of the successive time values and the total time duration.
what is the algorithm to do this ?

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Amir RF
Amir RF on 10 Dec 2020
Hello Dear Farzad,
If I understand your question correctly, your original signal is a 100 sec signal and you want to expand some part of this signal. First you can slice your original signal such as
interested_vector = original(50:0.5:55);
Then you should insert this part in the right place:
result = (original(0:50) interested_vector original(55:end));
I hope this gives you some idea to do what you want.
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farzad on 10 Dec 2020
Thank you , but there is a problem
will not start from 55 since the interested vector , which is the part from 50 to 55 , will not be 5 seconds after expansion and will be
5* 0.5/0.01 = 50 seconds
so the first part of the series is 49.99 seconds, then 50 to 100 seconds in the middle and then the rest of the time

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