dividing integrals using vpaintegral and syms

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i'm supposed to do this
and i wrote
syms x r
G=vpaintegral(x*r,0,1)/vpaintegral(r,0,1) % supposed to be approximately =0.45
Y=1/2*vpaintegral(r^2,0,1)/vpaintegral(r,0,1) % supposed to be approximately =0.43
and the result displayed is
G =2.0*vpaintegral(r*x, x, 0, 1)
Y =0.33333333333333333391157449199227

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Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 14 Dec 2020
Edited: Alan Stevens on 14 Dec 2020
If f(r) = r and you are integrating wrt r (implied by your yG integral) then x = r and xG = 2/3 and yG = 1/3. If you are expecting something different it means you haven't yet specified x in terms of r..
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Opariuc Andrei
Opariuc Andrei on 14 Dec 2020
Edited: Opariuc Andrei on 14 Dec 2020
oh,yeah , i forgot to define the r function . thx :) ,now it functions.

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