Rowfun without changing the order

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Mia Dier
Mia Dier on 17 Jan 2021
Commented: dpb on 17 Jan 2021
I want to use rowfun but I don't want the resulting outcome to be sorted according to the grouping variables that I specify. I want them to stay in their original ordering.
Or alternatively, reordering the resulting outcome as I want could also solve my problem. But as I lose the variable that I want to order my table accordingly after I get results from rowfun, I can't do that either.
dpb on 17 Jan 2021
I didn't catch it was you asking the same question altho recognized the same issue...
The above works only for another auxiliary variable and cannot work uniquely if the auxiliary variable is not unique across the group.
Other than you could save the elements of the group in a cell array of the proper height, but there's still no ordering the output itself; just a collection of which of the auxiliary variable values are contained in the collection of the group.

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