Simulink Pixhawk Support Package System Requirements

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What is the MINIMUM system requirement to generate code from Simulink and download to a Pixhwak in R2020b? Will I be able to just click a button in Simulink to generate and download codes? Do I have to have the UAV and/or embedded coder toolboxes? Mathwoks is very vague about this.

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Ankur Bose
Ankur Bose on 27 Jan 2021
You need below mentioned minimum products to work with UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 Autopilots
  • UAV Toolbox
  • Simulink
  • MATLAB Coder
  • Simulink Coder
  • Embedded Coder
Recommended Products
  • Stateflow
  • Instrument Control Toolbox
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J Chen
J Chen on 27 Jan 2021
I don't see why the Matlab and Simulink coders are needed. I don't think they are required. I'm not sure about the Embedded coder. The Arduino Support Package doesn't require the Embedded coder. I also don't underatnd why UAV Toolbox is required.

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Daniel_ on 2 Feb 2021
Edited: Daniel_ on 2 Feb 2021
I agree with Ankur Bose. You can install: Matlab, Simulnik and UAV Toolbox to start modeling. But if you want to generate a code for a device such as pixhawk 1 or Cube 2.1 then you will get a message that you need Simulink Coder and Matlab Coder. I also have an Embeded coder and generating the correct code on these six elements works nicely. Remember about the seventh element that you must have visible in the add-ons - "UAV Toolbox Support Package for PX4 autopilots" that will appear after finding and installing it from Add-On explorer.
Yes, this is also marked below at requires:

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