Missing points before and after the R peaks

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Ioana Cretu
Ioana Cretu el 9 de Feb. de 2021
Comentada: darova el 9 de Feb. de 2021
I have a signal which I want to segment in heartbeats. I have the location of the R peaks and want to create a sliding window which takes 100 points before and 100 points after each peak, but before the first beat are just 78 points and after the last peak are also less than 100.
How can I avoid those peaks and just select the beats that have enough points before an after the R-peak?
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Ioana Cretu
Ioana Cretu el 9 de Feb. de 2021
sorry I used a for loop, idk why I wrote if

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Rik el 9 de Feb. de 2021
Something like this is what I meant:
before=100; after=100;
for n=1:numel(qrs_i)
if ind(1)<1 || ind(end)>numel(ECG), continue, end
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darova el 9 de Feb. de 2021

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