How to interactively querry a web site using Matlab

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I would like to querry a website interactively using Matlab. Specifically I would link to poll a website serval times a day to see if a Covid 19 vacination appoint ment is available. The website in question is
The site asks what I want to do-I need to push a button to select schedule a vacination,that takes make to a page where I say whether it is a first or a second dose. If it is a first dose a pull down list box will appear asking which county. Once that is complete it will tell me that county is not currently making appointments (the response 99.95% of the time) or will show me a form to schedule an appointment. All I want the script to do is poll this site several times a day and issue some sort of notice that apppointments are available. Sending me an email would be good.
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Rik on 24 Feb 2021
Interactivity is always difficult.
What you need to do is replicate the exact query that results in the response you're interested in. Once you are on the trail gets colder, as the menu options trigger Javascript, which I don't understand well enough to be able to help you.
You can either dig around in the Javascript until you find something, or create an autoclicker.

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