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Calling Python 3rd party packages from Matlab

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Jonathan King
Jonathan King el 26 de Feb. de 2021
Respondida: Varun Sai Alaparthi el 16 de Nov. de 2022
Is it possible to use 3rd party python packages/subpackages from within Matlab? (as opposed to 3rd party modules)
I have a package ("mypackage") for python2.7. I installed it in a conda environment (using conda 4.9.2) and have verified I can run its modules from a Python console. The package has two subpackages: "modelA" and "modelB". Each subpackage holds a module named "run" that holds various commands for the relevant model.
I would like to be able call the two different "run" modules from within a Matlab script (Matlab 2020b). The ideal would be something like:
I've added "mypackage" to both the Python and Matlab search paths, and have tried moving the working directory to the folder holding "mypackage", but I always get the error: "Unable to resolve the name".
I have been able to run a module successfully by moving the working directory to "...\mypackage\modelA", and then calling
However, if I then try moving to "...mypackage\modelB" and calling
I get another "Unable to resolve the name" error. My best guess is that the Python search path is still pointing to the "run" module for modelA, as I am still able to call If this is the case, is it possible to remove a module from the Python search path in order to toggle between modules?

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Varun Sai Alaparthi
Varun Sai Alaparthi el 16 de Nov. de 2022
Hello Jonathan,
I understand that you are facing issue with calling modules in 3rd party python packages from MATLAB.
Yes, it is possible to use 3 rd party python packages from MATLAB.
Try executing these commands in the MATLAB command window before executing your code.
% Terminate the existing python environment.
% Set the Execution Mode to OutOfProcess.
pe = pyenv('ExecutionMode','OutOfProcess');
This should solve the error : Unable to resolve the name”.
Please feel free to reach out in case the error persists.


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