Placing images on a cartesian plot

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Hi there,
I have a series images (.png) outputed from a matlab plotting script based on different sets of parameters.
I need to place all images on a cartesian plot, where X and Y represent the ratios of parameters.
My question is, what function in matlab that I can use to place those images in (x,y) coordinate, such as: plot (x,y, "image1.png")?

Accepted Answer

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 12 Mar 2021
imread() into an array. image() the array.
image(Axeshandle, X, Y, ImageArray
X and Y are each coordinate vectors giving the left and right (X) and lower and upper (Y) data coordinates to use. The values should describe where to put the centers of the pixels.
Sri Adiyanti
Sri Adiyanti on 14 Mar 2021
Thanks Walter, i managed to fix works!!

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