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MATLAB .deb or .rpm based installer

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Daniel Shub
Daniel Shub el 31 de Mayo de 2013
I am curious why there is no .deb or .rpm based installer for MATLAB. It seems the way TMW handles the software downloads it would be very hard to create an installer. Would it be possible to distribute the software in a way that one could make an installer that could then be managed by a Linux distros package manager without seriously compromising TMW ability to prevent piracy?
This would make updating MATLAB much easier and also handle the odd dependencies better.
UPDATE: I decided to give packaging MATLAB a go for Arch Linux. I am ignoring the part about downloading the install files since I am willing to do that manually once to build the package. The problem I am now running into is I wanted to package each toolbox separately so that I could customize which toolboxes get installed. I am now running a silent install to make the package with only one toolbox selected and no MATLAB. The install file looks like
This gives me the error:
Error: One or more of the following products are required to proceed with the installation:
MATLAB 8.1 (Not available)
You must select a folder where at least one of these products is installed or select these additional products for installation.
Is it possible to instal a toolbox without installing MATLAB? Note I am not interested in having the toolbox work without MATLAB, but I want them separete for packaging purposes.

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