Filling in gaps in plot

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Marcus Rosales
Marcus Rosales on 24 Mar 2021
Answered: KSSV on 25 Mar 2021
Hello, I am trying to generate some plots which look a little prettier than what I currently have. An example is attached.
I am ploting the spectral function in the first BZ (basically k values between and π). I build a matrix for an NxN lattice and solve it under the assumption of PBCs. The number of k-points in this case will be . Obviously then the bigger the lattice the better the resolution. I am constraind by how big N can be however, so I need to think of an alternative way of improving my plot.
I basically obtain a matrix whose elements correspond to specific k-vectors in 2D and use surf() viewed at $90^o$. Does anyone know of a smoothing method or averaging procedure which can help me fill in these gaps? I have thought of a few things but they seem rather tedious. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Answers (1)

KSSV on 25 Mar 2021
Read about fillmissing. Read about imresize, interp2

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