Can we have single harness for MIL and SIL ?

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I am trying to create harness model in Normal Mode and SIL mode. However, I would like to perfrom MIL-SIL deviation analysis (includding signal value differences and coverage metrics differences).
Current Situation :
I can simulate two separately created harness model one for MIL and other for SIL. I can get output signal information as well. ( However, my model gets stuck for coverage analysis for SIL at 10% simulation that's other problem and can be addressed in separate question). Here, the test case is being duplicated in both harness which I want to avoid.
  1. Can we generate one harness with two Model blocks one for SIL and MIL as shown in attached image ? if so what precuations needs to be taken to avoid any simulation errors
I have tried above shown approach by copying MIL block into SIL harness ( and also copying SIL into MIL harness too). Below is the error which is being shown during simulation. I can see <model_name>_sbs.mexw64 in the current directory of the model.
Build process completed successfully ### Preparing to start SIL simulation ... Building with 'lcc-win64'.
cannot open output file C:\Users\..\Model\.._sbs.mexw64
Let me know if anyone has a better solution for this.
Here are the configuration details,
Model : Autosar model with default autosar.tlc.
Matlab : 2019b wiht Embedded coder

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