Calling Matlab from command line gives Caught unexpected exception of unknown type, why?

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I am trying to run my Matlab from the command line and I am getting a weird error when doing so. I call a script called test.m which looks like this
%% Housekeeping
clear all;
%% Update paths
disp('INFO: OK');
I am calling it from command line in Windows via
C:\LocalData\Projects>matlab -nosplash -sd 'C:\LocalData\Projects\' -batch "run('test.m')"
and as response I get this
Caught unexpected exception of unknown type.
So the script runs because it reaches the command to display INFO: OK but I am wondering, what is the error Caught unexpected exception of unknown type. referring to?
Running it with
C:\LocalData\Projects>matlab -nosplash -sd 'C:\LocalData\Projects\' -r "run('test.m')"
produces the same error within Matlab prompt
Playing around with the pahts I have noticed that if I am in the path where test.m is and I provide the path to matlab with sd then I get the error
C:\LocalData\Projects>matlab -nosplash -sd 'C:\LocalData\Projects\' -batch "run('test.m')"
Caught unexpected exception of unknown type.
However, if I omit the path with sd there is no error
C:\LocalData\Projects\>matlab -nosplash -batch "run('test.m')"
In case I go to root and try to provide the path, I get the error plus test.m ìsn't found
C:\>matlab -nosplash -sd 'C:\LocalData\Projects\' -batch "run('test.m')"
Caught unexpected exception of unknown type.
Error using run (line 66)
test.m not found.
ERROR: MATLAB error Exit Status: 0x00000001

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Answers (1)

Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 9 Apr 2021
clear all;
clear all asks MATLAB to destroy as much state as possible, leaving little more than what is stored in the current graphics objects. The state that is destroyed includes the variables that are used to tell run which directory to return to after the script is executed.
Do not call clear all from inside any program: save it for your one script that you use when you want to do the equivalent of "quit" followed by "restart"

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