step responce using lsim command making extra plot .

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tomer polsky
tomer polsky on 22 Apr 2021
Commented: tomer polsky on 22 Apr 2021
I want to make step responce using lsim command ( I know that there is a command names step but I need to do it using lsim command) . so my step is zero while 0<t<10 and is equel to 22 while 10<t<20 . when I use the command lsim . the plot is right but for some reason the output of the plot is giving me extra plot and I dont undestand why does it happen . is it a bug ? or am I using the command lsim wrong ?
clc;clear all;
t=[t1 t2];
y3=[y1 y2]; %% step function that starts from 10 ;
sys1 = tf(1,[ 1 0]);%% integrator
lsim(sys1,y3,t); %% responce of step

Answers (1)

VBBV on 22 Apr 2021
There are no extra plots. The gray colorline is applied input u and the blue color line is system response using lsim function


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