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simulink fixed point advisor example file

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Gary el 5 de Mayo de 2021
Comentada: Gary el 7 de Mayo de 2021
I was going through the tutorial on fixed point adviser from the weblink Can anybody provide the example for download that is demonstated in the tutorial?

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Andy Bartlett
Andy Bartlett el 5 de Mayo de 2021
The model used in Harhita's Webinar is attached along with a script to define an input object to trigger both of the model's simulation scenarios.
A lot has changed in fixed-point conversion since 2013, so I've slapped together an Updated Conversion Video using R2021a.
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Gary el 7 de Mayo de 2021
I am pretty new to this concept. The example shown is bit tougher for me to understand. Can you please explain through a simple example?
Gary el 7 de Mayo de 2021
I tried using the fixed point advisor in R14a. I found that the advisor fixes the datatype based on the default hardware datatype settlings that we specify. It is not automatically proposing the datatype from the logged data. What Am I doing wrong?

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