Failed MATLAB install in linux, and now installer wont run properly

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In Ubuntu 20.04 I was attempting to install R2019b. Interactively
Because I forgot sudo, eventually this file "AcquireGPSDataAndPlotYourLocationandSpeedonaMap.png" couldn't receive the rigth permissions and the installer couldn't continue. I could chmod the file and the folders but that didn't help. In fact the entire installations folder is 777.
Now when I restart the installer it just outputs this:
$sudo ./install
Preparing Installation files...
I have also tried with an install of R2019a, and I have rebooted the machine too. Same results.
I have emptied /tmp...
It is like it remembers the condition that originally made it fail to install. But how do I clean condition to start over as root.
I have X11 working fine.
ONLY if I reinitiate the installer without sudo does it start fresh, but it ends the same place with the PNG file...
Should I not do this as root or how do I allow the PNG file(s) to install...?

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker el 29 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Madhav Thakker el 1 de Jul. de 2021
Hi Mads,
Please reach out to our Support Team. They would be able to assist you with installation and licensing issues.
Hope this helps.

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