Why i get Test error 0% in the Modulation Classification with Deep Learning example on GOLD_XYZ_O​SC.0001_10​24.hdf5 dataset?

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Faheem Ur Rehman
Faheem Ur Rehman on 24 May 2021
Dataset Link:
Matlab Example Link:
On Command window
I want to test the above MATALB example on the dataset which link is given above. 5 modulation types of dataset which are same with the the builtin example of MATALB. that is ["BPSK","8PSK","64QAM","QPSK","16QAM"]
I have taken only three modultaion types that is "BPSK","QPSK",8PSK" to test that MATLAB example.
Firslty i have preprocess the dataset and make it same with matlab example then i have given that path of my dataset to MATLAB example but it gives me test error 0%. Why that MATLAB example is not picking up my dataset.
I have upload the preprocessing dataset matlab file.
Link for better understanding about dataset:

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