Error in Automatics modulation classification MATLAB example.

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Faheem Ur Rehman
Faheem Ur Rehman on 1 Jun 2021
I want to generate the modultion types like (16APSK,32APSK,64APSK,128APSK) by modifying helperModClassGetModulator.m and helperModClassGetSource.m but i get the following error. I have atteched the file which i have modified.
Error using apskmod
Expected constellation points per circle to be integer-valued.
Error in comm.internal.apsk.validateM (line 14)
validateattributes(M, intDTypes, {'vector', 'integer', 'positive', ...
Error in apskmod>validateInputArgs (line 320)
comm.internal.apsk.validateM(mfilename, M);
Error in apskmod>processInputArgs (line 140)
plotConstellation, outputDataType] = validateInputArgs(M, radii, ...
Error in apskmod (line 130)
outputDataType] = processInputArgs(x, M, radii, varargin{:});
Error in helperModClassGetModulator>apsk16Modulator (line 238)
y = apskmod(x, radii, phaseOffset, 'symbolMapping', ...
Error in helperModClassGetModulator>@(x)apsk16Modulator(x,sps) (line 33)
modulator = @(x)apsk16Modulator(x,sps);

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