Assign a label to a point of a matrix in if statement

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MarshallSc el 1 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Stephen23 el 2 de Jun. de 2021
Hi, I'm trying to assign a label (based on a category from a table) to each element of a 10*10 matrix in an if statement such that if the value is smaller or larger from a threshold, the corrosponding element gets assigned a certain category label with the index of the element so that it can be known which element it is . For example:
for i=1:10
for j=1:10
if ((abs(Kappa(i,j)))/(abs(KappaLong(i,j)))<1) && ((abs(Kappa(i,j)))/(abs(KappaShort(i,j)))<1)
Kappa(i,j)='Point is stable: Category 1 is assigned' %to show which element of the matrix is stable
elseif ((abs(Kappa(i,j)))/(abs(KappaLong(i,j)))>1) && ((abs(Kappa(i,j)))/(abs(KappaShort(i,j)))>1)
Kappa(i,j)='Point is unstable'
% (the code should continue after the elseif)
if abs(Kappalong)>abs(KappaShort)
else ModKappa=abs(KappaShort)
I know the code above is not complete or correct, just wanted to provide an example about what I mean. Thank you in advance.
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Stephen23 el 2 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Stephen23 el 2 de Jun. de 2021
Note that storing lots of scalar numeric data in a cell array makes processing that data much slower and more complex. You should probably store the "status" string in a separate string array, and keep the numeric data in a numeric array.

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the cyclist
the cyclist el 1 de Jun. de 2021
By default, Kappa_j is going to be a numeric array, and there cannot accept character input. Instead, you could define it as a cell array:
Kappa_j = cell(2,2); % Preallocate the cell array, but smaller to illustrate
Kappa_j{1,1} = 'Point is stable: Category 1 is assigned'
Kappa_j = 2×2 cell array
{'Point is stable: Category 1 is assigned'} {0×0 double} {0×0 double } {0×0 double}
Notice the use of curly brackets to access the "inside" of the cell.
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MarshallSc el 1 de Jun. de 2021
Thanks a lot sir, I was thinking that about the same method too. Thanks again.

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