How to design LC filter using MATLAB for Multi-level inverter output??

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I am looking for filtering the voltage output of a multilevel inverter to get a pure sinewave.
I'd like a clear way to describe the steps that can be taken to get what I want.
I tried by using modified multilevel inverter with LC filter with utlizing these parameter
L= 3e-3
C= 470e-6
Vin= 200v
Rload= 100
However, the multilevel inverters signal is distorted, and the output voltage after LC filter is not a pure sine wave..
These pictures are of a multilevel inverter signal without a filter and the second with a filter.
thanks in advance
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kavitha darshaka
kavitha darshaka el 8 de Ag. de 2021
Did you find a answer for this? How did you find this?

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