Run 3 screens at a time/parallel screen

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Praneeti Mitra
Praneeti Mitra el 14 de Jun. de 2021
Comentada: Walter Roberson el 22 de Jun. de 2021
How to run three screens with the same GUI at a same time in 3 different computers with the same code?
I have a code which plays and forms a GUI and now I want that same GUI exact to be run on the three screens at the same time together with the same code used. How to modify my present code so it happens they way I want?
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Praneeti Mitra
Praneeti Mitra el 15 de Jun. de 2021
Windows 10
Jan el 16 de Jun. de 2021
I still do not understand, what the problem is. What does this mean: "And all of them will have a singleinput which should run exactly same in all three"?
Does displaying the contents of the main screen on 3 monitors solve the problem? Windows, MacOS and Linux can do this, if you connect 3 monitors to the computer. There is not need to run anything in parallel.

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 15 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Walter Roberson el 15 de Jun. de 2021
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Praneeti Mitra
Praneeti Mitra el 20 de Jun. de 2021
Editada: Praneeti Mitra el 20 de Jun. de 2021
okay, I got your point.
How to do this:
I want to run the simulation three times.
Simaltaneously on three screens and each simulation I should be able to control separately.
And I want to run this with a single instance of MATLAB
If I want to stop the control from one display while operating other one. still, How to do this whole thing. How to make a code which runs three times in three different windows with the same GUI by using same MATLAB instance.
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 22 de Jun. de 2021
Do? You? Need? All? Three? To? Be? Actively? Computing? At? The? Same? Time?
This is a different question than being able to control the three independently.
If you do need all three to be actively computing at the same time, then you must use the Parallel Computing Toolbox. Do you have that toolbox?
I am not going to spend the time to write up solutions to cover all of the possibilities: you need to be more specific about what you need.
The simulations: do you give them inputs or commands, and they run a small number of seconds and then finish that step and go back to waiting for inputs? Or do they have a bit of computation to do (say) every 1 minute? Or is it something like you have three guided Deep Learning going on at the same time and so you give instructions to one simulation and it goes away and computes for extended periods, occasionally displaying graphics, and the person monitoring might react to the graphics by interrupting the computation, or by changing a slider and expecting that the simulation will start using the new value as soon as feasible?

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