undefined function in GUI

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Lim Xiao Hui
Lim Xiao Hui el 15 de Jun. de 2021
Comentada: Rik el 16 de Jun. de 2021
Hello, can i ask why when i write code for GUI, it show
Undefined function 'multiply' for input arguments of type 'double'.?
Thank you.
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Lim Xiao Hui
Lim Xiao Hui el 15 de Jun. de 2021
okok thank you!

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Kishan Dhakan
Kishan Dhakan el 16 de Jun. de 2021
If you're using MATLAB app designer, it will be easier if you click the 'add a function' button and define your multiply there itself (I see no reason to do it in a separate script). Note: If you add it as a private method, use app.multiply() everywhere.
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Rik el 16 de Jun. de 2021
Given that you only know the name, it would be a bit odd to assume the functionality is the exact same as *.
Maybe this is what that function does:
function af=multiply(x,y)
af=@(c) x*y + c;

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