Design tree structure of buttons and dropdown elements with App designer

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Hello dear community,
I would like to build a product element by element using a Matlab app. For this purpose, I wanted to represent the structure of the product as a tree structure. Within this tree structure, buttons and dropdown elements should be integrated to create a subproduct or to select an existing one. For a better description of my request, I have again painted something quickly with powerpoint. It is still difficult to show the dependencies of the individual products and subproducts.
Do you have an idea how I can implement the whole thing?
Thank you already!
Nicolas Kaiser
Nicolas Kaiser on 23 Jun 2021
Hi Steve,
good to hear from you!
Exactly, I have implemented the whole value chain object oriented. I have also implemented a Matlab app to be able to create individual subproducts. Basically, I would need the Class Diagram Viewer as a panel in the existing Matlab app. In the Class Diagram Viewer the dependencies are already displayed quite well. But is that possible at all?
Otherwise my idea would have been to plot the dependencies, i.e. the lines between the classes, in an axis.
Best wishes,

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