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Guillermo Arias
Guillermo Arias el 18 de Jun. de 2021
Comentada: Guillermo Arias el 19 de Jun. de 2021
Hi, I'm working in image processing with Matlab and I want to create a .exe or an application from my .m code.
I tried using Matlab compiler, and creating a standalone application, but all the messages i ask for on screen to request information are not shown in the .exe file.
Is there any other way to make these messages display on screen?.
Thank you.
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Rik el 18 de Jun. de 2021
Where would you expect that to be displayed? Do you expect a command line interface to open up alongside your GUI? Why not use an input field and a button?
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI (and avoid using GUIDE), have look at this thread.
Guillermo Arias
Guillermo Arias el 19 de Jun. de 2021
Okey thank you very much, what I expected is that the .exe program would display the message in the same moment that the .m file. I think I'm going to try to create a GUI, thanks again.

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