how can i overcome this error ?

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amir el 11 de Sept. de 2013
t = 0:0.0001:0.07;
v0 = input('please Enter the value for v0:');
R = input('please Enter the value for resistance:');
C = input('please Enter the value for capacitacne:');
f = input('please Enter the value for frequency:');
m = length(t);
state = 'on';
for A = 1:m
    switch state 
        case 'on'
vs(A) = v0 * sin(2*pi*f*t(A));
    vR(A) = vs(A);
    iR = vR(A)/R;
    iC = 2*pi*f*C*v0*cos(2*pi*f*t(A));
    I = iC + iR;
    if I<=0
       state = 'off';
       tA = t(A);
        case 'off'
    vR(A) = v0*sin(2*pi*f*tA)*exp(-(t(A)-tA)/(R * C));
      if vs(A) >= vR(A)
          state = 'on';
plot (t,vs,':',t,vR,'k')
??? Attempted to access vs(45); index out of bounds because numel(vs)=44.
Error in ==> untitled1 at 24
if vs(A) >= vR(A)

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson el 11 de Sept. de 2013
In the case of 'off', you make an assignment to vR(A) but not to vs(A), but then you attempt to compare vR(A) to the (non-existent) vs(A). You need to decide what value vs(A) should have at that point and make sure the assignment happens.

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