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Lookup table as an input

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Alain el 27 de Sept. de 2013
Comentada: Alain el 25 de Oct. de 2013
Hi everyone, I am trying to simulate an hydraulic motor in simhydraulics, but I need to change "efficiency parameter" every step describing the graph that appear in its datasheet. I have thought to use a lookup table with the graph data, and then with its output change the efficiency. But, the problem is that I can't use the output to change the block parameter. I don't know if it can be done, if I can put the efficiency as another input port of the block or with tags, or if I can edit a simulink block (as hydraulick motor) to put a new input inside.
I have seen that it can be used te set_param commanda, but I preffer to don't use it, because it makes slower my system.
Thank you Alain

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Zack Peters
Zack Peters el 25 de Oct. de 2013
Hi Alain,
Unfortunately, the parameters within most of the Simscape blocks and all of the SimHydraulic blocks are not tunable, meaning that they cannot be changed during simulation. Additionally, there is no way to modify the hydraulic motor block to that it will have an extra input port for modifying the efficiency.
My suggestion would be to either simulate the model repeatedly with varying efficiencies until you have enough data to complete your datasheet model or to develop your own block using the Simscape language. The equations for the hydraulic motor are available in the documentation for the block; you can simply remodel it and rather than have the efficiency set as a dialog parameter, you can set it as a physical signal input port.
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Alain el 25 de Oct. de 2013
Thank you for your answer. I will try to do the second option, building my own model of the motor with the equations.

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