Element wise cell division

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MarshallSc el 24 de Jul. de 2021
Respondida: Jan el 24 de Jul. de 2021
This might sound very basic and silly, but I have two cells with complex doubles that I need to divide element wise. The problem is that I get the same value for each division for every cell that is not correct. And the results that I get are not in complex double (0.1429) while they should be. I have attached my data and the code is very basic:
for i=1:4
for j=1:4
The results of the element wise division should be in compelx nature but they are not. Am I doing something wrong here? Sorry if the question is very basic.
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Max Heiken
Max Heiken el 24 de Jul. de 2021
It seems to me that 0.1429 is in fact the correct solution everywhere given your data and equation... Are S and V perhaps the result of some decomposition or something?
MarshallSc el 24 de Jul. de 2021
Yes, they are actually individual decompositions of a same cell. It appears that 0.1429 is in fact the answer, but it doesn't make sense because the ratios have to render different values. I guess, for this operation, there is not other answer. Thank you for your reply.

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the cyclist
the cyclist el 24 de Jul. de 2021
Your code is producing the correct result. You could also have used the cellfun() function to do this operation in one line:
A = cellfun(@(x,y)(x./(x-y)),S,V,'UniformOutput',false)

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Jan el 24 de Jul. de 2021
S{i,j} ./ (S{i,j} - V{i,j}) =
1 ./ (1 - V{i,j} ./ S{i,j})
and for all V and S the division V ./ S replies the elements -6.


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