Export environment variable WSL.

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Antoine Legouhy
Antoine Legouhy on 6 Aug 2021
Answered: Yongjian Feng on 6 Aug 2021
I have Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).
In a Matlab script, I want to run some bash commands and scripts, so I do:
system('wsl <script>')
But doesn't work when trying to export an environment variable:
system('wsl export FREESURFER_HOME=\"~/freesurfer\"')
system('wsl echo ${FREESURFER_HOME}')
This returns 0 for both lines (no error) but yet the variable FREESURFER_HOME is not exported.
I also tried to use the setenv command but this adds the variable to the windows environment, not the WSL one:
setenv('FREESURFER_HOME', "~/freesurfer");
system('wsl ${FREESURFER_HOME}') % WSL
% -> *nothing*
system('echo %FREESURFER_HOME%') % Windows
% -> ~/freesurfer\
Any idea on how to export an environment variable in the WSL environment ?

Answers (1)

Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng on 6 Aug 2021
This is how you set env in wsl:


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