How to write dataset in hdf5 format?

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Faheem Ur Rehman
Faheem Ur Rehman on 9 Aug 2021
Answered: KSSV on 9 Aug 2021
I have folder with name ModClassDataFiles. In which 20 .mat file are saved i want to convert them into hdf5, but i got error below
hdf5write('myfile2.h5', 'E:\Thesis\26_Mod_dataset', 'E:\Thesis\26_Mod_dataset\ModClassDataFiles\frame4ASK001.mat');
Error using hdf5writec
Call to HDF5 library failed (fileCreation): "createHDF5File: Couldn't create file.".
Error in hdf5write (line 151)
hdf5writec(file, details, varargin{dset_idx});

Answers (1)

KSSV on 9 Aug 2021
You should first create the dimensions/ variables in the file using hdf5create. Read about this.


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