Problem 1721. Backslang, odds are you used it at some point in time...

So backslang is a language that can be used to communicate in an easy decode code, if people know the rules of decoding it. Well this backslang follows rules that are fairly customary. You take the first letter of a word and put it in the end, then add 'ay' on the end.

Hatstay tiay! Onay oremay onay esslay. Ellway erehay reaay omesay xampleseay:

str = 'The sky is falling, the sky is falling, or is it?'
output = Hetay kysay siay allingfay, hetay kysay siay allingfay, roay siay tiay?

Ustjay aay otenay, omesay unctuationpay ndaay apitalscay oday ountcay.

Oodgay Ucklay!

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