Problem 44706. The Deadly Sin

Melvyn and Banner are fighting over chocolates. Melvyn has X chocolates, while Banner has Y. Whoever has a lesser number of chocolates eats as many chocolates as he has from the other's collection. This eatfest war continues till either they have the same number of chocolates, or at least one of them is left with no chocolates. Can you help Eliza predict the total number of chocolates they'll be left with at the end of their war?


x = [5 3]

Explanation: Denoting Melvyn as M, Banner as B

M=5, B=3 - Banner eats 3 chocolates of Melvyn.

M=2, B=3 - Melvyn eats 2 chocolates of Banner.

M=2, B=1 - Banner eats 1 chocolate of Melvyn.

M=1, B=1 - Since they have the same no of candies, they stop quarreling.

Total candies left: 2

y = 2

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