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New! Reputation Points and Short-term Leaderboard on File Exchange

Chen Lin el 14 de Mayo de 2020 (Editada a las el 3 de En. de 2023)
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We are excited to announce that File Exchange now awards reputation points to the authors and you can view the points and rankings by week, month, year or all-time on the new leaderboard .
Reputation point is commonly used in many online communities to build trust and show appreciation to contributors. File Exchange rewards reputation points to authors who submit files, but it's definitely not easy to earn! You earn points when your files are downloaded or rated by other community members. Therefore, you should be very proud of yourself no matter you have 10 points or 10,000 points. It's the recognition from the community. See table below for detailed rules:
Now that we have reputation points on File Exchange, we introduced the short-term leaderboard to better view the points and rankings. You can filter by 7-day, 30-day, 365-day, and all-time, which helps you understand who is more active recently or who is a long-time contributor.
We hope the reputation and new leaderboard will contribute to the growth and success of File Exchange community. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. Simply reply to this article if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions.
Rik el 14 de Mayo de 2020

This seems a better sorting system to determine the rank than just the plain total (ip-filtered) downloads.

Since you're asking for feedback: the comment system lack the edit tools that are available in the other Matlab Central areas.

Chen Lin
Chen Lin el 14 de Mayo de 2020

Thanks for the feedback, Rik. It's a feature we are actively working on. Stay tuned.


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