Data Analysis Workshop for pre-university students (JP 日本語)

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Data analysis workshop using MATLAB for pre-university students (in Japanese)
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Data Analysis Workshop for Pre-University Students (JP 日本語)

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Content created in collaboration with e-kagaku Academy (

English description follows Japanese description



  • 数学・科学に興味がある中高生
  • データ科学を学ぼうとしている文系の大学生

いずれも,MATLAB® の使用経験は必要ありません.



  • データ解析とはどのようなものか
  • データ解析を行うことによって身の回りの現象を理解すること
  • ロジカル思考と検証をもとに科学的質問を解くこと



  • ファシリテーション付きのワークショップ(2〜3時間で実施可能です)
  • 自己学習コンテンツ



  • Preparation.pdf - 事前準備の資料
  • TroubleShootingGuide.pdf - よく起きるエラーや質問集
  • DSWS_materials/ - ワークショップ用ファイル
    • tools/
    • ws_files/
    • open_mission1.m
    • sbda_mission0.mlx - <<< このファイルから開始


この教材は,子どもの科学教育に関わる活動をされている e-kagaku Academy ( との協力で作成したものです.

コンテンツ作成をリードしていただいたe-kagaku Academyサポーターの萩原啓介様(東京大学生),岡洸斗様(京都大学生)に感謝を申し上げます.

Target Audience

  • Pre-university students interested in STEM
  • Non-engineering/science university students

In either case, experience in MATLAB® is not needed.

Goals of the workshop

This workshop is intended to demonstrate the importance of data analysis to young students. By having students perform data analysis on real-world problems, they will experience

  • what it means to do data analysis
  • how data analysis helps them understand the world around them
  • the process of problem solving through logical thinking and verification


The content can be used in two different formats.

  • 3-hour workshop with facilitation
  • Self-paced learning

The overall structure is for students to go through the content on their own, at their own pace. When held as a workshop, the facilitator can check in with the students to see the progress and discuss the results. There are multiple "Observation" points within the workshop, and those are good places to hold open discussions.

File Structure

  • Preparation.pdf - preparation steps for using the content
  • TroubleShootingGuide.pdf - common errors and issues that students may face
  • DSWS_materials/ - workshop material
    • tools/
    • ws_files/
    • open_mission1.m
    • sbda_mission0.mlx - <<< START HERE


This content was developed in collaboration with e-kagaku Academy (

Special thanks to Mr. Keisuke Hagiwara (student at University of Tokyo) and Mr. Hiroto Oka (student at Kyoto University), who were instructors at e-kagaku Academy, for leading the development of the content.

Copyright 2022 The MathWorks, Inc.

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