Simulink Test Support Package for ASAM XIL Standard

This support package adds ASAM XIL Standard support to the Test Manager in Simulink Test.

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Actualizado 15 Mar 2023

The Simulink® Test™ Support Package for ASAM® XIL Standard implements the ASAM XIL API, which is a standard that defines communication between test automation tools, such as Simulink Test, and test benches, such as Simulink Real-Time™ and third-party test benches. The ASAM® XIL API enables running real-time hardware-, software-, and model-in-the-loop (HIL, SIL and MIL, respectively) test cases created in Simulink Test using its XIL framework. The Simulink Test framework includes methods for mapping variables from the test code to the test bench, configuring the ports to use, specifying test bench startup and shutdown order, and other commands to query and control the test bench.
Compatibilidad con la versión de MATLAB
Se creó con R2022a
Compatible con cualquier versión desde R2022a hasta R2023a
Compatibilidad con las plataformas
Windows macOS Linux

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