This function is a 3-Dimensional Rotation.This program performs the rotation of coordinates of an (x,y,z) figure by any angle.

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function [xx,yy,zz]=rotation3D(x,y,z,p,ang)
% Author && support : Amit Chakraborty
% This function is 3-Dimensional Rotaion.
% This program performs rotation of coordinates of an (x,y,z) by any angle.
% Any set of (x,y,z) data will be transformed to (xx,yy,zz) in the new rotated coordinates.
% Original and transformed data are plotted in blue and red respectively.
% p =1 ==> rotations around x-axis
% p =2 ==> rotations around y-axis
% p =3 ==> rotations around z-axis
% ang => amount of rotation. Just change with your requriement
%% Starting from below :
ang= deg2rad(ang); % Converting Degree 2 Radian.
% ang= rad2deg(ang); % Converting Radian 2 Degree.
if p==1
xx = x;
yy = y*cos(ang)-z*sin(ang);
zz = z*cos(ang)+y*sin(ang);
elseif p==2
xx = x*cos(ang)+z*sin(ang);
yy = y;
zz = z*cos(ang)-x*sin(ang);
xx = x*cos(ang)-y*sin(ang);
yy = y*cos(ang)+x*sin(ang);
zz = z;
title('Original Data vs Rotated Data')
hold ;
hold off;

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Amit Chakraborty (2023). rotation3D (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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