Gnu Fortran, C, Lapack and Blas from Windows Matlab

Setting up of a free environment for calling Fortran 77 routines from Matlab and using Lapack and Bl
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According to the Matlab documentation the only supported Fortran compiler is Intel Visual Fortran. The author of this document has experimented with using the free Gnu Fortran 77 via two packages: MinGW and Gnumex, and describes the following procedures:

· Setting up MinGW and Gnumex
· Using Gnumex to make mex file creation compatible with Gnu
· Compiling Fortran programs from within Matlab
· Writing mex gateway functions
· Creating mex files
· Building a Lapack/Blas library
· Linking with the Lapack/Blas library

The document contains two examples of interfacing Fortran with Matlab via a C gateway function, one minimal, and one realistic. A replacement for one Blas routine is supplied, as well as a script for making the Lapack library. The document is rather terse, and the intention is not to teach mex file use. Readers who find faults with the document are encouraged to report this back to the author.

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