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Simplify adoption and optimize Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) workflows for Simulink
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Actualizado 20 mar 2024
Important Notice: Issue with May Release for Projects with Existing Results We've identified an issue in the May release that will impact loading pre-existing results. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend waiting to upgrade until the June version is available or applying a patch. For further details, please visit our Discussions section.
This new support package helps you adopt and optimize Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) Workflows for Model-Based Design. With it you can address common challenges including setting up a pipeline tailored for Model-Based Design, reducing build time, reducing build failures, debugging build failures, and deploying a Model-Based Design workflow to the team and CI system.
The support package provides:
  • Customizable process modeling system to define your build and verification process
  • Build system to generate and optimally execute the process in your CI system
  • Process Advisor app to deploy and automate your prequalification process
  • Examples for integration with common CI systems such as Jenkins or GitLab
The support package analyzes your project and generates a Model-Based Design CI/CD Pipeline based on your own process definition. You can reduce build times by performing optimized builds in popular CI systems such as Jenkins or GitLab. You can prequalify your work in Simulink to reduce build failures in CI. If a failure occurs in CI, you can bring the results back into Simulink to reproduce and debug the issue.
This package is under active development, please share your insight, questions, and experiences to aid future updates by contacting us at
The support package requires MATLAB® version R2022a Update 4 and later updates, and requires the use of MATLAB Projects, see Projects.
You can use Process Advisor on your desktop without a CI system.
To integrate the build system provided in this support package into your CI/CD system, you first need to configure your CI system to run MATLAB and Simulink products. For an example on how configure Jenkins and GitLab, see Continuous Integration for Verification of Simulink Models. For information on the supported platforms, see Continuous Integration with MATLAB on CI Platforms
Getting Started:
You can install this support package from Add-On Explorer or by downloading from File Exchange. If downloading from File Exhange, double click the .mlpkginstall file to begin the installation. If you receive an error about the support package not being compatible with your version of MATLABbut you have R2022a installed, then check that the .mlpkginstall file is associated with MATLAB R2022a.
The Process Advisor app runs on MATLAB projects. Process Advisor can be opened for an existing model in your project or the project itself. To open for an existing model in a project, on the Apps tab of the model, under Model Verification, Validation, and Test, click Process Advisor, see the image below.
To open for a project, click Process Advisor app on the Project tab, see image below:
An example project is provided to demonstrate the capabilities of Process Advisor. To open the project, MATLAB command line with the command:
The incremental build technology and task staleness detection are under active development. Tasks will not become outdated when changing untracked artifacts. Refer to the Troubleshooting Artifact Issues and Untracked Changes section in the Appendix of the documentation to see the list of untracked artifacts. These limitations are planned to be removed in future updates to the support package. Follow this File Exchange page to be notified of updates.
Version History
Current version for MATLAB R2022a: February 2024, version 22.1.13.
Current version for MATLAB R2022b: March 2024, version 22.2.15.
Current version for MATLAB R2023a: April 2024, version 23.1.15.
Current version for MATLAB R2023b: March 2024, version 23.2.5.
Current version for MATLAB R2024a: April 2024, version 24.1.2.
Compatibilidad con la versión de MATLAB
Se creó con R2022a
Compatible con cualquier versión desde R2022a hasta R2024a
Compatibilidad con las plataformas
Windows macOS (Apple Silicon) macOS (Intel) Linux

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