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This toolbox is designed to process data from the GOES-R platforms for the ABI Sensor Derived Stability Product

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This toolbox if the first of a series of Toolboxes that will be posted for processing the data From the GOES-R Satelllite. This set of codes will read and process the ABI Sensor Derived Stability Product. There are two parts of the project that need to be downloaded from DropBox. The first part is the toolbox above and be accessed by the shared link. There is another shared link to download the data which is quite extensive.
User can not access Project Website-instead use the shared links below
Link #1 for Toolbox-
Link #2 for Data- .
Both links should be accessed and download all the data contained there. A user document called "GOESDerivedStabilityProductV1Rev1.doc contains instructions which should be read before trying to download the entire product and installing it
Developed using R2020a but tested on R2017b and R2022a. Some code tweeks may be needed especially for R2022a using the Report Generator

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Stephen Forczyk (2022). Create Derived Stability Movie (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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Compatible con la versión R2017a a la R2022a
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