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This function enables you to generate shortcuts to open external files

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This function generates shortcuts that enable you to launch files from the MATLAB® interface.

>> make_shortcuts
>> make_shortcuts(ext)
>> make_shortcuts(ext,subdir)
>> sc = make_shortcuts

make_shortcuts browse the directory where the function is stored look for
all PPT files under <subdirectory>\.

make_shortcuts(subdir) has the same behavior except that it will look for ext files under <subdirectory>.

make_shortcuts(ext,subdir) has the same behavior except that it will look for files under <subdirectory>\subdir that have the extension ext.

sc = make_shortcuts perform the same actions as the first syntax plus returns all the shortcuts codes for all directories.

How to use it?
Simply save the function file make_shortcuts.m in a directory that contains several directories with files under. Then call the function as shown above.

This function has been tested under R2006a, R2006b and R2007a.

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Olivier (2022). Matlab Shortcuts Creator (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperado .

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