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a simple (but effective) code to find local maximas

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This is a very simple function to find the local maximum in any dimensional array. As simple as it is it still gives nice results.

I use the imdilate() function as a maximum operation and then compare the data to the result.

The function receives three parameters:
the data, a vector defining the minimum distance between peaks in each of the data dimensions. and a flag either to exclude equal points or not.

use examples:
a = cumsum(randn(1000,1));
peaks = localMaximum(a,[100]);
figure; plot(a); hold on; plot(peaks,a(peaks),'ro');

[x y] = meshgrid(-6:0.1:6,-6:0.1:6);
a = sinc(x).*sinc(y);
lMaxInd = localmaximum(a,[20 20]);
lMinInd = localMaximum(-a,[20 20]);
figure; mesh(x,y,a); hold on;

- It is recommended to run (if possible) a LPF on the data before searching for the peaks

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