Multi-objective Chaos Game Optimization (MOCGO)

The codes of the multi-objective version of a recently proposed meta-heuristic algorithm called Chaos Game Optimization (CGO)
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Actualizado 13 jun 2024

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The Chaos Game Optimization (CGO) has only recently gained popularity, but its effective searching capabilities have a lot of potential for addressing single-objective optimization issues. Despite its advantages, this method can only tackle problems formulated with one objective. The multi-objective CGO proposed in this study is utilized to handle the problems with several objectives (MOCGO). In MOCGO, Pareto-optimal solutions are stored in a fixed-sized external archive. In addition, the leader selection functionality needed to carry out multi-objective optimization has been included in CGO. The technique is also applied to eight real-world engineering design challenges with multiple objectives. The MOCGO algorithm uses several mathematical models in chaos theory and fractals inherited from CGO. This algorithm's performance is evaluated using seventeen case studies, such as CEC-09, ZDT, and DTLZ. Six well-known multi-objective algorithms are compared with MOCGO using four different performance metrics. The results demonstrate that the suggested method is better than existing ones. These Pareto-optimal solutions show excellent convergence and coverage.

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Khodadadi, Nima, et al. “Multi-Objective Chaos Game Optimization.” Neural Computing and Applications, vol. 35, no. 20, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, Apr. 2023, pp. 14973–5004, doi:10.1007/s00521-023-08432-0.

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