Multi-objective Generalized Normal Distribution Optimization

The codes of themulti-objective version of a recently proposed meta-heuristic algorithm called Generalized Normal Distribution Optimization
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Actualizado 13 jun 2024

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This study introduces the Multi-objective Generalized Normal Distribution Optimization (MOGNDO) algorithm, an advancement of the Generalized Normal Distribution Optimization (GNDO) algorithm,now adapted for multi-objective optimization tasks. The GNDO algorithm, previously known for its effectiveness in single-objective optimization, has been enhanced with two key features for multi-objective optimization. The first is the addition of an archival mechanism to store non-dominated Pareto optimal solutions, ensuring a detailed record of the best outcomes. The second enhancement is a new leader selection mechanism, designed to strategically identify and select the best solutions from the archive to guide the optimization process. This enhancement positions MOGNDO as a cutting-edge solution in multi-objective optimization, setting a new benchmark for evaluating its performance against leading algorithms in the field.The algorithm's effectiveness is rigorously tested across 35 varied case studies, encompassing both mathematical and engineering challenges, and benchmarked against prominent algorithms like MOPSO, MOGWO, MOHHO, MSSA, MOALO, MOMVO, and MOAOS. Utilizing metrics such as Generational Distance (GD), Inverted Generational Distance (IGD), and Maximum Spread (MS), the study underscores MOGNDO's ability to produce Pareto fronts of high quality, marked by exceptional precision and diversity.The results affirm MOGNDO's superior performance and versatility, not only in theoretical tests but also in addressing complex real-world engineering problems, showcasing its high convergence and coverage capabilities.

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Khodadadi, Nima, et al. “Multi-Objective Generalized Normal Distribution Optimization: a Novel Algorithm for Multi-Objective Problems.” Cluster Computing, Springer Science and Business Media LLC, May 2024, doi:10.1007/s10586-024-04467-7.

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