Windows mex setup with ifort 11.0

Windows mexing with Matlab 7.6/7.7 (+probably others) and ifort 11.0
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This submission contains three files that enable mexing with version 11.0 of ifort. The files should be copied to the folder:

c:\program files\matlab\r20xyz\bin\win32\mexopts

(where r20xyz could for example be r2008a or r2008b), and the two files with extension .b should be renamed to have extension
.bat (Matlab central regulations do not allow .bat files). These files are updated from the version 10.1 files.

Then mex -setup should work.

NOTE: The default location of ifort.exe has changed between versions and version 11 of the ifort compiler from:

C:\Program Files\Intel\Compiler\Fortran\10.1.011\IA32\Bin


C:\Program Files\Intel\Compiler\11.0\066\Fortran\Bin\IA32

Note in particular that the order of Bin and IA32 has been reversed. The include and lib folders have also new locations. To create .stp and .bat files for other subversions of ifort 11, make copies of the files and appropriate changes in both of them (search for the version number, "11.0").

To support other subversions of version 10 than 10.1.011 make copies of the files intelf10msvs2005opts.bat and intelf10msvs2005opts.stp and make the necessary changes in them (change e.g. 10.1.012 to 10.1.021). It is probably also possible to create similar files for versions 8.x and 9.x of the compiler.

NOTE 1: There are some similar files by C.Chee on Matlab Central that inspired me for these, see

NOTE 2: For mexing with gcc, gfortran and g95, see

NOTE 3: I have not tested the intelf11msvs2005engmatopts.bat (for building engine applications).

NOTE 4: One more change I have made to the bat file is to remove the /fixed flag from the compiler flags to allow free form input. In theory this should allow Fortran 95 programs in free format to be turned into mex files, but for some reason my short test file does not currently work (although my Fortran 77 test does work). I have not had time to look into this further.

Nov.2008. Kristjan Jonasson (

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